Memories from Foodwise Kids

Earlier this year, I interned with Foodwise Kids at the Ferry Plaza Farmer’s Market in San Francisco, CA. Here are a few pictures from the internship:

IMG_0511 2

Students serving their fellow classmates their farm fresh meals

IMG_2473 2

“Fruit Salad Face”

IMG_2431 2

The first peas of the season!!

IMG_1890 2

Finding the best forage flowers to add to the salad.

IMG_2482 2

Here they were trying to find the biggest lemon.


The beginning of a very lemony dressing.

IMG_3315 2

Coating the in-season beets with olive oil, salt, and pepper.

IMG_9188 2

Waiting patiently to tell their class about these delicious fruit kebabs!

IMG_4008 2

Roasted potatoes (aka french fries).


I see carrot tops in that beautiful salad!


Showing off the season’s first batch of Rainier Cherries.

IMG_2831 3

Figuring out the scale.


Selecting the finest strawberries.

IMG_2834 2

A very organized cutting board.


I love the name of the restaurant “The Big Garden”

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