Reframing the Food Movement

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Last week I attended a thought provoking panel hosted by CUESA at the Ferry Building with the Golden Gate Bridge as the beautiful backdrop. Stephen Satterfield writer in residence for Food52 + so much more moderated the panel. Evelyn Rangel-Medina of Restaurant Opportunities Centers United, Ediwn Carmona-Cruz of La Raza Centro Legal, Amelia Moore of Union of Concerned Scientists, and Leslie mah of Nourish|Resist graced the panel and shared their thoughts.

The content was action oriented; the speakers talked about how to get involved, who to reach out to, and organizations and people they look to as a north star. Here are some snippets from the night:

Good food comes with good practise. – Edwin

If you make less money you have less to spend on good food. Let us make access to good food ‘even’. – Edwin

It’s important ask ourselves: “how can the food movement intersect with the social justice movement?” – Amelia

How are the condition of people who harvest and prepare our food? – Evelyn

The labour in the food industry is reliant on People of Colour and Immigrants. – Evelyn

80% of the people in the front of the house [restaurants] are white men making most of the money. The back of the house is people of colour and immigrants, working in the worst conditions making significantly less. – Evelyn.

In the food movement if we can create demand for organic, local, sustainable, we can also create demand for racial equity. – Evelyn.

When we eat, we share a table, we are the same. That table can be local, national, the world. Food connects us as equals. -Leslie




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