Nourishing recipes



Been spending evenings indulging my love for cooking, finding nourishing recipes in cookbooks from the library, and sourcing fresh ingredients. I have yet to visit the farmer’s market in SF but I am over the moon excited for that first trip.


Also found Nina Planck’s cookbook. Nina’s first book “Real Food” is what inspired my love of sourcing out good ingredients.

Also, can’t help but notice the subtle changes in the ingredient decks in the USA. I am dismayed by the number of “food” products in the USA with HFCS and corn syrup. Canadian Heinz does not have hfcs or corn syrup.

Pasture Raised Chicken

Thank you, thank you SF for making it so easy to find ethically and pasture raised chicken. Chicken that grows slowly on an animal centered farm, eats green feed, encounters no physical obstructions (that’s right, no cages) and spends life on the same farm. It’s my first go at cooking “from the farm chicken”, I roasted it with butter salt, pepper and onions. It was delicious, it’s less tender than factory farmed chicken but that’s the way chicken is supposed to be > when a chicken spends its entire life running around it develops muscles. Slow roasted for maximum flavour.