Here are a few of the pieces I’ve authored and published around the internet and other places:


Publications in Academia in The Journal of Public Administration Research:  Federalism, Decentralization, and Health Care Policy Reform in India

Course Evaluation Report:  The Students Respond: Increasing End‐of‐Course Evaluation Response Rates


Life Hacker: Devote time to un-schooling

Crew Blog: Why are we Attracted to Beautiful Things

PyschCentral: How to write an Effective To-Do List

The Next Web: How to Write a To-Do List that Won’t Hurt Your Productivity

Self-Publications on Medium: The History of the Catalog, Go Wander


Beekting: 3 offline marketing strategies that work for your business

Create and Thrive: The Ultimate Guide to Getting More Holiday Sales

Storenvy: Do you have a Multi-Channel Marketing Strategy?


Pursuit was my column on the McGill Career Planning Services Blog. Here are several articles from that series:

Put Out Exceptional Work: Advice from a Senior Dietician

The finer points of setting and, gracefully, attaining New Year’s resolutions (Part 1)

On rejection, funks, and being enough

Confidence and other things

Applying product development strategies to your life

Listen well and be meaningful, advice from a category manager

Be the expert, what do you think about these “rules?”

“What I wish I knew when I was _____”

You can’t ignore this

5 awesome pieces of advice

Impressive Profile 101, Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook

Why we don’t see many women in engineering (and what you can do about it)

Be the Expert, what do these numbers mean to you?

On marshmallows, marketing, and conclusions first

Several places my writing has been mentioned:

Fast Company,  The Focus CourseHow To Write Better,  Smile.Io,  ArtfCity,  Sarah Marshal