Farmers Market


At last! Made my way to the “Heart of the City Farmers Market” in San Francisco. One of sf’s many farmers markets. Beautiful day and fresh produce. Tried my first pink cherry tomato and picked up some summer squash.

Fittingly, last evening I had the opportunity of watching “Unbroken Ground” a documentary film that’s part of Patagonia’s new venture to sell high quality and responsible food. It explored the role of food in the environmental crisis. They profiled three farmers – a grain farmer using perennial plants (diversified grain practises) to replenish soil, a former cattle farmer that switched to raising bison (they don’t eat grass to the ground and that’s better for the soil), and a sustainable salmon farmer.

Overall the movie has a good message – however, I was sorely disappointed by the people the filmmakers choose to interview: all white dudes. Women were given few and insignificant speaking parts, and there was one person of colour who was given 30 seconds of air time. Many of the people that were interviewed constantly referenced using indigenous farming practices – I kept waiting for them to interview an indigenous farmer. Nothing.

Today at the farmers market I had the pleasure of meeting a few hispanic, Chinese, and black farmers. Many of them using sustainable farming practises. It wasn’t that hard.

Your turn : )

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