On Conclusions First


Earlier last year I went to a “Women in Business” panel and had the opportunity to listen to a few women working in upper management at a big bank. The one piece of advice that stuck with me most was: “state your conclusions first.” I really wanted to share this because this has been wildly effective for me. Women/girls tend to make their points by giving a whole bunch of back story and evidence and then getting to the main point.

For example: Well, I noticed the other day that X. was seen in Y. And B. did not really have a big impact.  And I looked it up and it turns out Z. journal and T. paper found the same thing. That’s why I think we should consider doing X. rather than doing B.

And dudes, tend to make their points by giving the main point first and then giving the back story.

For example: We should do X before doing B. The reason I am saying this is because….[backstory/evidence].

I tested this out for 5 months, in class, with profs, with baristas, and with people I work with on regular basis. And for whatever reason, the dude way is more effective if you want your voice heard. Even with other gals. It works, especially well when you’re working with dudes. Try it out! (P.S. Leslie Knope does this all da time on Parks and Rec)

Divya : )